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Absolutely amazing! Deer 365 has added 12-15 inches on the horns of our deer. It has also brought about 44 – 48 new deer to our feeding sites this year! Scott C.

This product is Unbelievable! I have witnessed the change in our deer since last December. Phenomenal horn growth and body mass on the bucks, and the overall improvement of the health of our does nursing fawns.  Tim D.



Protein is a crucial component of a deer’s daily diet and must be met for proper antler development and to support lactating does. Research shows bucks need a minimum of 16% protein and fawns require 20% for proper growth.

Natural protein sources such as clover and honeysuckle are generally gone when warmer weather arrives, and acorns fall after the horn growing season has ended (mid March to mid August).


Unlike most supplements Deer 365 withstands bad weather.

Ingredients: grain products, corn condensed distillers soluble, condensed fermented corn extractives, feed grade vegetable oil and attractants.


1. Determine Size

Available in 50 Lb bags, 300 Lb bulk bags or 1,000 LB bulk bags.


2. Find Placement

Feed near trails or in established feeding areas, on ground, in troughs, or in feeders designed for bulk dispersal.


3. Allow Adjustment

Allow 3 to 5 days for deer to adjust to new supplement.

Deer 365 is Raccoon Proof while meeting every nutritional need 365 days a year.



Crude Protein, Max



Copper, PPM

Molybdenum, PPM


Crude Protein, Min



Iron, PPM


Crude Fat



Zinc, PPM


Crude Fiber



Manganese, PPM

Deer 365 Tripled the deer at our feeding sites within the 1st 2 weeks, and they’re still coming! Josh R.

This stuff is Amazing! I have wittnessed its holding power on deer for 8 months and counting. Also raccoons and possums will not touch this supplement. Colt


The ingredients, minerals, research and overall design of this deer supplement provides every buck the opportunity to grow to its greatest potential.

Before Deer 365 - Bug Eye - 2 years old.

Before Deer 365 – Bug Eye
2 years old.

Bug Eye 3 years Old

After Deer 365 – Bug Eye
3 years old.

Bug Eyed 4 years old.

After Deer 365 – Bug Eye
4 years old.

Split Ear April 2012

Split Ear
April 2012

Split Ear June 2012

Split Ear
June 2012

Split Ear September 2012

Split Ear
September 2012

Crazy Horn 2012 - 3 Years Old

Crazy Horn
2012 – 3 Years Old

Crazy Horn 2013 - 4 Years Old

Crazy Horn
2013 – 4 Years Old

About Us

The LORD has blessed us with an opportunity to offer a product we feel meets every requirement for the health and wellbeing of deer – for our generation – and future generations. It has been our goal to offer an affordable, quality product allowing every hunter an opportunity to harvest a trophy buck. We began developing Deer 365 in the fall of 2010. With the assistance of biologists and a mineral company, we have perfected the formula that is Deer 365, a mineral enriched supplement designed to meet the nutritional needs of deer 365 days a year.


We have twelve filming crews who have documented the results. These trials have been conducted in different weather seasons and terrain. Deer 365 has exceeded our expectations in all field trials. Deer 365 has held deer in feeding areas for 10 1/2 months so far proving that every hunter, whether on a 10 acre hunting site or a 1,000 acre hunting site, can manage, produce and selectively harvest a trophy buck.

Deer 365 has brought our big bucks out in daylight hours, that used to move only at night. Once they get on this feed they are hooked! Steve

” Our camp cannot believe the mass and height it put on our bucks the 1st year we fed it, not to mention the weight and overall size of the Deer. Deer 365 will prove on your game cameras,  Everything it claims it can do!  G. Barnes

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